VETRA is out now!

My new album VETRA is out now and available on all streaming platforms as well as on CD and Vinyl!

Today is the release of my new album #VETRA on Berlin Classics! I want to thank everyone involved in this production! The amazing musicians and arranger, the wonderful team behind, the label and the producer of this album, Jørn Pedersen.
My inspiration and idea for VETRA is the folk tunes and songs from Valdres that was collected by the Norwegian organist Ludvig Mathias Lindeman in the 1800s, in addition to traditional tunes, and two of my own compositions. I have been eager to go a step further, to place this music in a modern setting, and to bring material that is unknown or seldom played out of obscurity. Several works on the album are, then, my own interpretations of folk melodies which have several variants.
For me, this has been an enthralling musical journey, where the melodies have been artistically reworked. This reworking of this priceless legacy is a completely new venture.
VETRA Trailer: