Hemsing Festival is an international chamber music festival in Aurdal in Valdres, and the artistic leaders are Eldbjørg and Ragnhild Hemsing. The two sister founded the festival in their hometown in 2013 and it takes place each year in week 8. 

The festival´s goal is to facilitate "intimate encounters with great music". The magical mood created by close contact between the audience and the musicians means a lot. The 2020 edition of the festival is February 19th - 23rd. And Eldbjørg and Ragnhild look forward to creating great musical experiences, and giving the audience new highlights and great musical joy. 

In addition to the evening concerts in Aurdal church and in Frikar-Smia, we offer art exhibitions, a guided ski tour, lunch with mini concerts, dinners with music, lectures and guided tours. 

For further information regarding Hemsing Festival, please take a look at www.hemsingfestival.com

In 2017, the festival had its 5th year anniversary and here is a documentary made by the Norwegian Television Broadcasting NRK sent on Norwegian television in March 2017. You can whatch the documentary here (with English subtitles):