2nd Single Release of Upcoming Album VETRA: Langeberglåtten

2nd single release! "Langeberglåten" from my upcoming album VETRA is out now and can be streamed on all music streaming services: https://BC.lnk.to/vetraFA
Music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fql0TgBAYU

“Langeberglåtten”, a traditional tune from Valdres, is based on myths that are found in many places, and the theme is a familiar one: the meeting of pre-Christian faith and the spreading of the Christian gospel. The parishioners in Bagn in Valdres had gathered for Sunday worship when they heard a beautiful sound coming from the mountain behind their church. It was so enchanting that they forgot to pay attention to God’s word inside the church, even though they saw it was the huldra herself who was singing. The priest went outside and listened, and although he also liked the sound he heard it wasn’t long before he had exorcised the huldra, who fell off the mountainside. But no one, according to one myth, saw what happened to her; other myths tell of her being turned to stone.