"YR" with Ragnhild Hemsing and Hallgrim Hansegård

Ragnhild Hemsing and dancer/coreographer Hallgrim Hansegård perform "YR" for the first time at Bergen International Festival in May 27th 2009 broadcasted directly on NRK tv. The music is composed by Lasse Thoresen. Ragnhild began her collaboration with Hallgrim Hansegård in 2009 and they regularly perform together in Norway and abroad.

 Ragnhild Hemsing presents a whole new Norwegian approach to classical and contemporary music in which she use both the classical technique and her deep background in Norwegian folk music on the Hardanger fiddle. This is her first collaboration with dance production.

Hallgrim Hansegård is the choreographer of FRIKAR dance company which he established in 2005. Hansegård has his background in the Norwegian halling dance and has for YR made a research among 80-90 years old dancers with the aim of a revival for lost dance moves. These movements are included in Hansegårds modern dance technique which is also inspired of the ancient dragon ornamentations on Hardanger fiddles and churches. Hansegård has choreographed and produced 5 full night dance productions, and YR is his first serious dance solo, though he looks on YR as a duo with Ragnhild Hemsing.

Lasse Thoresen is one of the most respected living composers of Norway. His work field includes electronic composistions and deep reseach on Norwegian folk music which YR is a great manifest on. Thoresen is Professor at the Royal Academy of Music in Oslo and has worked close with the performers before this premiere of YR - the dance production.