Hemsing / Larsen - Live recording

from Førde International World Music Festival, July 2019.

The quartet, Hemsing & Larsen, represent a meeting of classical music with traditional music from Valdres and Trøndelag, with two pairs of siblings, Ragnhild and Eldbjørg Hemsing and Einar Olav and Gjermund Larsen. The quartet played their first concert at the Hilmar Festival in Steinkjer in 2011, and have since then played at different festivals and tours around Norway.

They are all deeply engaged in their respective folk music traditions, and Gjermund also writes new compositions for the quartet. The Hemsing sisters are amongst Norway’s most highly acclaimed musicians in the classical music traditions.

The musicians plays on instruments such as Hardanger fiddle, classical violin and viola, and folk music on normal violin.