Album-Release on Berlin Classics today!

Today is the release day of my album RØTA!
Thank you so much to such a fantastic team and everyone involved in this project! I’m just so grateful for the opportunity of making the album RØTA and also joining me the marvellous musicians Mario Häring and Benedict Kloeckner. What fun recording days with you!!!
This album on Berlin Classics, in collaboration with WDR, has become a very personal album, even more than my previous recordings. This time I was not only able to combine both instruments, but even have certain works arranged specially for the Hardanger fiddle, be it Hardanger fiddIe accompanied by piano or by cello, or a duo for Hardanger fiddle and cello, beautifully done by Tormod Tvete Vik. I've always wanted to try that, because it not only underlines my cultural background, but also my identity as a musician.
I hope you will enjoy listening to RØTA!
Best greetings from Valdres,